What is the Department Council?

The Department Council is the highest decision-making board of the departments. The dean, vice dean, dean of study and gender equality officer are part of the Department Council because of their role. Beside them there are more elected members, these are professors, research associates, non-scientific staff and students.

The Department Council decides for example about changes in the Academic and Examination Regulations and new courses of study or establishes search committees that are looking for new professors. Furthermore the council decides about registrations for graduation and habilitation. We can also talk about important topics for students in the Department Council.

Election of the representatives

At the Department Studentcouncil Election the student representative body for the single disciplines and the representatives in the Department Council are elected. The representatives are the two students with the most votes.

As well the professors and staff elect their representatives.

Duties of the representatives

Of course the central task of the representatives is to be at the meetings of the Department Council. This includes some preliminary discussions where we bring the student’s interests in. Since they are part of the highest board of the department, they have the best overview about current topics in university politics, so they are also involved in other topics.

Your representatives in the Department Council:

You can contact both of us using fkrmathe@fs.tum.de.

Your representatives in the Department Council:

You can contact both of us using fkrphysik@fs.tum.de.

Your representatives in the Department Council:

You can contact both of us using fkrinfo@fs.tum.de.

To discuss topics in a greater circle that exceeds the Departmental Council, the Study Committee exists as a permanent discussion board of the Departmental Council. It consists of all groups of people that are involved in studies and teaching (professors, scientific staff, study advisors, students) and deals with subjects concerning study and teaching, that are to be discussed in a greater bout. Besides, the Study Committee deals with all subjects that the Departmental Council can’t occupy itself with in a suitable manner.

The current student representatives in the Study Committee are Andreas Chris Wilhelmer, Frank Elsinga and Jeremia Renz. You can contact them at sk-in@fs.tum.de.

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