It can happen to anyone that the alarm does not ring (or that you snooze it half asleep), the subway is late or the breakfast takes longer than expected – but if you arrive late to a lecture, you should have enough decency not to disturb the professor or your fellow students:

  • Do not walk from one lecture hall side to another in front of the blackboard but use the side stairs.
  • Best would be to use the back entrances in the first place.
  • Do not climb over the seats, but sit at a row’s border if possible.


If you are bored during a lecture, scribble a masterpiece, solve crossword puzzles, sleep (without snoring) or use that one possibility you always wanted in school: Just walk out!
Professors use to get mad at paper planes and even if you do not stand out of the crowd so that you cannot be recognized as culprit, that is not a free pass for you. Many professors threaten to cancel the lecture. Not only do you harm yourself by that, but also others (and there will be someone who saw you and getting mad at you) – since the lecturer will definitely not elaborate on the topic in detail or at all the next lecture.

Even if it may be difficult: Do not talk with your neighbors. If absolutely necessary, at least do so in an appropriate volume. The lecture is not meant to be a meeting point for you and your friends after all. Otherwhise you will make a lot of enemies, especially people that actually are interested in the lecture. These people do exist and soon enough, you will ask one of them for advice or help with your homework.

Mistakes on the board

Even professors make mistakes from time to time when writing on a board (or on the slides). If you think you found one, give a signal – no matter if it turns out you were wrong. Everyone profits: If you were wrong, the professor might explain the topic again and you understand better. Did they actually made a mistake, you understand that problem after the correction and save yourself a lot of headaches when studying for the exam. Also, isn’t it a great feeling to be better than the prof for once?


No matter how great of a toy a mobile phone can be: Please mute yours during a lecture. A ringing phone is as disturbing as it is an embarrassing situation which is easy to avoid.

Lecture time exceeding

If the professor mercilessly exceeds the lecture time once again, alert him by knocking, not whistling. Moreover, you should not just leave the lecture hall – it makes quite a noise and other people might want to listen to the rest.


The fewest lecturers insist on being addressed by their full titles since they are interested in what stuff you want to know, not who they are. But it still applies: there is no rule without exception. The persons concerend will let you know in that case, but they do not take these things personally. Most exercise instructors/tutors will offer you to use familiar forms of address after a while anyway.


If your tutor does not please you, change the group. If the tutor is just too mean, do not stir things up – in that case, they hold the whip hand and you will lose. Instead, approach the exercise instructor since they are thankful for such opinions and feedback. Bad luck if the concerning tutor is the instructor at the same time (it can happen).


Smoking is not allowed at university in general. In all buildings and at the whole campus, smoking is striktly forbidden.


There are no holidays for students, just lecture-free time (for studying, job or else). It starts in February for the winter semester, and in July for the sommer semester. That usually is the time for exams and final deadlines for seminars and labs as well.

If now you sit horrified in front of your computer, wondering whether you made the right choice with your course of studies – don’t worry. Compared to e.g. mechanical engineering, maths/physics/informatics exams are at the beginning of lecture-free time mostly. That means after exams are done you have a few free weeks left to go on vacation and relax.

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