The campus “Garching Forschungszentrum” will be the main place of study for many of you, as you can see on our location overview page.
On this page, we would like to give you a short overview of the infrastructure available on-campus and briefly explain the room numbering of the different buildings.

Infrastructure on-campus

In addition to lecture halls and seminar rooms, there is also other infrastructure at the Garching-campus that is quite practical for student life:

  • Sports
    Behind the interim lecture halls are sports fields with facilities for various sports. These are just waiting to be used by you.
    Are missing sports equipment like balls? You can borrow them from us!
  • Showers
    You came to the university by bike or used the sports fields just described and now you would like to take a shower? No problem!
    Right next to the sports fields behind the interim lecture halls there is a small building with showers. You can get access by holding your studentcard at the reader at the entrance door. Due to the fear of pipes freezing, this is only available in the summer.
    Another possibility are the showers in the basement of the chemistry building (CH6). in the rooms 16301 (male) and 16306 (female). These showers are open to everyone from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
    The physics department also has 2 more showers to offer. One shower for men in room 2206 and one for women in room 3206.
    Normally there is also a battery of showers in the basement of the StudiTUM, but it is currently unavailable due to a broken water lifting system.
  • ATM Machine
    You’ve finished work, but you don’t have enough money for a beer or a coffee on campus? In this case, you will find a Sparkasse ATM to the left of the old, decommissioned cafeteria building (i.e. in front of the StudiTUM).
  • Copyshop
    A copy store that prints and binds final papers, among other things, can be found in the Magistrale of the Mechanical Engineering Building in the far back.
  • Stationery store
    In addition to the copy store, the Magistrale of the Mechanical Engineering building is also home to a small stationery store, so that you don’t run out of paper when diligently taking notes in the lecture.


Despite the excellent organizational structure of TUM, it has unfortunately come to pass that the faculty buildings on campus use very different systems for numbering rooms.
To find an individual room, the Physics Roomfinder is your faithful and reliable helper. The overview map of the Garching campus can also be helpful.
Nevertheless, it does not hurt to have a rough understanding of the numbering system of the individual buildings:

      • Mathematics/informatics building:
        The numbers consist of three numbers for floor, component (finger) and room (i.e., whereby the first floor has the number 0. So the student council office (00.06.036) is located on the first floor in component 06 (second finger on the left side) in room 036.
        Sometimes leading zeros are omitted (i.e. 0.6.36). There are also the three large lecture halls, which are marked by corresponding signs. MI-HS1 has its own number prefix 00.02 and is therefore not assigned to any finger. Another special case is the library, which corresponds to the numbering 00.03.
      • Physiks Department 1 (Main building):
        The room numbers are four-digit numbers. The first digit indicates the floor, the second the corridor. The last two digits indicate the room number.
        Note: Floors are numbered starting with the number 1 in the basement. The student council office in physics with the room number 2257 is therefore located on the first floor in corridor 2.
      • Physik-Department 2 (quadrangular building annex connected to the main building by a bridge):
        The numbers in physics department 2 have three digits. Especially important are the seminar rooms 127 and 227. You can reach them by passing the lecture halls in physics department 1, crossing the bridge into department 2 and then following the sign towards the Walter-Schottky-Institute.
      • Maschinenwesen-Gebäude:
        Since this building has some large lecture halls, you will probably have a lecture or two here. The room numbers there are four digits preceded by “MW”. The first digit indicates the floor, the second the part of the building, and the last two the room. The large lecture halls MW0001 and MW2001 are stuck in the more or less round structure to the left of the main entrance. Another large lecture hall (MW1801) is located at the other end of the building.
      • Chemie-Gebäude:
        Here, too, there is a large lecture hall where you might hear a lecture one day. As an introduction to the system of room numbering, we recommend the chemistry faculty’s information page on this topic.

Transfer Garching-Forschungszentrum <=> Main campus

Since you probably have to commute from Garching to your home campus sometimes for your studies, we would like to give you a short overview of how this works best.

You can use the location map of the main campus on our location page to calculate a route.

Public transport

  • Option 1: If the weather is nice and you like walking, take the U6 at the campus to the Universität stop (Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität) and then walk from Ludwigstraße via Schellingstraße to Arcisstraße. The walk takes about a quarter of an hour. If the weather is bad or you don’t enjoy walking, you can take bus line 153 or 154 (both every 10 minutes) along Schellingstrasse to the “Arcisstrasse” stop and then have to walk another 4-5 minutes to the TUM along Arcisstrasse.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, you can travel to Sendlinger Tor and then change to the U2 or U8 in the direction of Feldmoching. To get to the main campus, you can either leave this line at the beautiful Königsplatz and walk diagonally across it to arrive at the TU refectory. Or you can leave the subway one stop later at Theresienstraße and walk east a bit. The way is easy to see, because you can see the “bridges” from far away. These are two double-decker bridges that run between TUMs nothern- and southern main-campus across the Theresienstraße.
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