For the Bachelor’s programs, there are prep courses not only for Mathematics, Physics, but Informatics as well. If your application at TUM was successful, you should receive a separate invitation to those.

In the prep courses, you will revise or learn valuable material. Important to know is that everything not belonging to school topics, will be covered at the beginning of the lectures again (possibly a bit faster).

We strongly recommend the participation in the prep courses, since it noticeably facilitates the entry into one’s studies. It is a great start into university everyday life, you get used to the working methods and obtain basic knowledge before the lectures even started.
Most of all, you can establish new contacts and friendships that often last the whole period of your studies.

Information on the Maths prep courses for Mathematics, Physics and Informatics can be found here: (Unfortunately, there is no English translation available.)

The prep courses are definitely worth their time!


Here you can contact the departmental student council Mathematics, Physics and Informatics.

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