The Study Introduction Days

The MPI (Mathematics, Physics, Informatics) Departmental Student Council holds an introductory event at the beginning of each semester for new first-year students (Bachelor and Master), called Study Introduction Days (SET). The SET for the winter semester 21 will take place from Thursday, 14th October until Monday, 18th October. We are currently planing to make a hybrid SET, with digital formats as well as events taking place at the campus. Additionally, we have preevents starting from Sunday, 10th October. Please only register for a single slot, the preliminary program is on every day at every time exactly the same.

Registration: You do not need to register for SET in general, however individual events may require registrations due to a capacity limit. If this is the case, it will be posted here on this page, we will update the information regularly.

The registration will be opened 5th of october at 10am under

If the registration for events is full, there is unfortunately no possibility to still participate.
However, places may become available again due to cancellations.

Discord: To allow communication with your classmates outside of the normal program on-site, we have a Discord for getting to know each other, where we also communicate changes to the program in addition to this page. Have a look and say hi:

We also created a freshman´s guide. You find the English version here, the German version here.

Important and up-to-date information about the Corona virus regarding the university can be found on the specifically created websites of TUM, and the departments Mathematics, Physics and Informatics.

Program for the winter SET 2021


Wednesday, 06.10.21

01.00 PM – 06.00 PM Barbeque (only for maths/physics bachelor) [ CANCELLED due to bad weather]


Sunday, 10.10.2021, till Friday 15.10.2021

09.00 PM – 05.00 PM Campus Tours [registration here, please register for only one slot, Meeting point: MI Magistrale]

09.00 PM – 05.00 PM Goodie Bags


Thursday, 14.10.21

09.00 AM – 01.00 PM L&L (only for bachelor mathematics)

02.30 PM – 04.00 PM Official Welcoming Event [onsite registration here, meeting point: Interims I.2 (en), MW1801 (de),  livestream]

04.00 PM – 07.00 PM Tours of Institutions [registration here]

starting 08.00 PM Pub Crawl [registration here]


Friday, 15.10.2021

8.00 library guide tour [here, Password: x]

10.00 AM – 11.00 AM IT-Introduction [livestream]

11.30 AM – 01.00 PM Highlight Lectures [registration here, meeting point: MW1801 (maths), Interims II.2 (physics), MW 2001 (informatics)]

01.15 PM – 02.45 PM L&L (only for bachlor mathematics)

01.15 PM – 02.45 PM Introduction of FPSO for Physics (master) [here, presentation of special courses, BEMP, QST]

03.00 PM – 04.00 PM Introduction of the Student Council and the Departmental Student Council for Mathematics, Physics and Informatics [onsite registration here, meeting point: MW1801 (en), MW 0001 (de), livestream]

04.00 PM – 06.00 PM Introduction of FPSO for Mathematics (bachelor) [via Zoom, password: BachelorMA, and Tentomax 5]

04.00 PM – 06.00 PM Introduction of FPSO for Mathematics (master) [video, question time via Zoom, password: 800384]


Saturday, 16.10.2021

11.00 AM – 02.00 PM Campus Rallye [registration here, meeting point: in front of MI building]

02.00 PM – 04.00 PM Barbeque [registration here, meeting point: sports ground between MI building and Interims]

04.00 PM – 09.00 PM Sport tournament [registration here, meeting point: sports ground between MI building and Interims (volleyball and table tennis), football place at the parking spot behind MI building (soccer)]

04.00 PM – 10.00 PM Board Game Evening [registration here]


Sunday, 17.10.2021

10.00 AM – 07.00 PM Rallye in Central Munich [registration here]


Monday, 18.10.2021

09.00 AM – 12.00 AM L&L (only for bachelor mathematics)

09.00 AM – 12.00 AM Introduction of FPSO for Physics (bachelor) and Informatics (bachelor and master)

01.00 PM – 03.00 PM Uni Life [onsite registration here, meeting point: Interims II.1, livestream]



SET-trip at Jugendlandheim Grimmerthal [registration at 15th october, 10 am here]




For questions on the program or your start of studies, mail us:


Image credits:  Alexandra Graß, Philipp Wittmann, Jason Lochert

Information on the Room Aliases

The exact position of the lecture halls (Ger.: Hörsaal) can be found in the TUM Roomfinder. Below you will find a brief overview

  • MI-Magistrale: The whole glass-roofed area in front of the lecture hall of the Mathematics-Informatics(MI) faculty building 
  • MI HS 1: Lecture hall 1 of the MI building (Friedrich L. Bauer Hörsaal)
  • Interims I HS 1 & 2: Lecture hall in the black wooden building at the plaza in front of the MI building
  • Interims II HS 1 & 2: New lecture hall building in front of the chemistry department
  • MW 2001: Lecture hall 2001 of the Mechanical engineering (MW) faculty building (Rudolf-Diesel-Hörsaal)
  • Physik HS 1: Rudolf-Mößbauer-Hörsaal in the Physics faculty building

Previous slides

Here you find the slides of the winter 2021/22 event:

Here you find the slides of the winter 2019/20 event:

Here you find the travel guides of the winter 2019/2020 event:

Here you find the slides of the summer 2019 event:

For future SET tutors

You are already studying at TUM and want to support the organizers of the SET by becoming a SET tutor? Here you can find information on possible tasks and how to register.

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions about Study Introduction Days, please contact the person responsible for the planning and execution of this event at at any time.

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