We have gathered some important informations concerning your studies on this page.

If you are looking for a contact person for study related problems, please contact your individual  class speakers. If you do not want to talk to your class speaker, don’t hesitate to pop by our office in room 00.06.036 or to contact us via email at fsmpi@fs.tum.de.

Services of the Student Council

We offer you a number of services which are summarized on this page. Amongst others, these include the script sales office and the 3D printing.

Service originating from the public funds for higher education

Here you can find a number of measures from which you can benefit.


The MPI Student Council regularly conducts various events. The Unity is organized at the beginning of the summer semester. The Winter Ball takes place during the winter semester. The event unit organizes a game night every Monday. We also support the AStA (Student Council Executive Committee) and other student councils at their events, e.g. the GARNIX, TUNIX, GLÜHNIX, MeUP, maiTUM, ESP, etc.

Spaces to Study

The TUM offers different study spaces. We have summarized for you, where you can study and how to find currently available spaces with the study space management system.

Survey Results

The results of lecture evaluations, which are carried out by the Survey Unit can be viewed online at umfrage.fs.tum.de.

Project work

You don’t like the available choices for the module “extra-disciplinary fundamentals” (Überfachliche Grundlagen) and would rather like to do something more hands-on, which will be of real use to someone? Then you might be interested in the projects we offer.

Study Introduction Days Tutors

We are always looking for Study Introduction Days tutors who will assist first-years in their entry to the university, by giving them tours of the campus or answering questions about their degree program. Besides valuable experiences, you profit from this by receiving 1 ECTS (physics) or 2 ECTS (informatics and mathemtics) in the module “extra-disciplinary fundamentals” (Überfachliche Grundlagen).

Job Market

The TUM has its own job board where many vacancies are offered. We have summarized the job offers for the Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics for you.

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