Grill and Drink

on the 15.01.2020 at the Physiks Building of the TU München.
You can choose what grillabels yo want in the registration below. Accompaniments are served with every of those.
Coocked wine is given out for free for those with an Registration.


Below you can place your binding order in the form.
The respective due amount can be paid at the BBQ. Please bring it as exact as possible!
Drinks are sold separately in the student council.
Food may also be brought by yourself, but coming nevertheless requires a registration in order to calculate drinks, space etc. For a pure registration you leave everything on 0.
If you have further questions, you are cordially invited to visit the student council office! ?
Price list in Euro: 3.50

Herb butter, mustard, ketchup, salt, pepper, tap water for free.

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