Zombieapocalypse at the TUM!!!

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Together with your fellow students you want to protect our university from an invasion of zombies? You want to be zombie yourself? Or you just want to have fun throwing balls of cloth around?

Come by at Humans vs. Zombies Sunday, 7th of July 2019 10.00 am – 7.00 pm and help us defend our university from the hordes of zombies or be in it yourself.

The Game

Humans vs. Zombies originates from the US and is often played on campuses. Players are separated into two groups. Initially there are only a few zombies. These have to try to infect survivors, while the survivors “only” have to survive the day. This year they will also try to complete their main quest. During all of this there are various kind of missions, events etc.

Survivors can be infected simply by being touched from a zombie. To evade this they can use the provided cloth projectiles to defend themselves against the zombies. Once hit, zombies have to walk back to the nearest zombiezone and respawn before getting back into the heat again. After the event all of the cloth has to be given back to the organization team.

Survivors start in their so-called safezones, meaning there are quite a few zones all over the campus which may not be entered by zombies. Staying in these safezones is limited to five minutes. The only exception to this rule is the lunch in the MI-Building, which may of course also be attended by zombies allowed (there is no human meat though!). Safezones are in the MI-Building and marked areas on various places on the campus.

Missions will start at unknown points in time and will not be announced.  A gamemaster will wear a special vest to inform about a new mission which can then be started by players. The vestst will have different colors, depending on whether the mission is for zombies and humans. To improve communication we will offer communicators (persons) at every zone to coordinate progress in missions and generals strategy.

All players will receive a ribbon. Survivors will wrap it around their arm while zombies have to wear it around their head. This way zombies can be distinguished from players. Ribbons will be handed out out at the start of the game.

Boundaries to the playing field will be the sidewalk at the Boltzmannstraße/ Lichtenbergstraße, the Wiesäckerbach and the gateway to the LRZ. There will be a maximum of 150 participants.

More information can be found at https://www.humansvszombies.org/


  •          10:00 meeting at the main entrance to the MI-Building
  •          10:15 explanation of the rules and division into groups
  •          13:00  barbecue for everyone  between finger 8 and 10 in front of the MI-Building (Game will be paused)
  •          19:00  official end with subsequent pizza order at “Prima Pizza” for everyone being hungry again

During the whole day there will be drinks for sale at the MI-Building.

If you check the box vegetarian we will plan for you to eat grilled cheese instead of meat or sausage at barbecue. If you do not want to participate at the barbecue please mention it in the comment section.

Don’t forget to bring solid shoes, since you will be running on grass and gravelspaths most of the time.

Ribbons and ammunition will be handed out, pls don’t bring any cloth projectiles of your own.

We would appreciate you letting us know if you are willing to start as a zombie.

In case of rain the event will unfortunately have to be postponed. 🙁

Registration: here

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