Welcome Summoner!

We invite you to our official LoL tournament at the LAN SS19. Hear the call and register now! The tournament starts on the 19th of June at 9pm. This time we additionally offer an Ultimate Bravery Fun Cup. But first things first!

5v5 Tournament - What will be played?

5v5 in Summoners Rift
Single Elimination with 8 teams until final
Bo3 final

What are the requirements?

  • You participate at the LAN SS19 (it‘s a live tournament)
  • You are registered for the LAN SS19
  • You are NOT registered for any other tournament – except for our neat Ultimate Bravery tournament!
  • 20 champions minimum

What's the pricing?

Winner: 3200 RP, Ryze, Tryumphant Ryze, 4-Wins-XP-Boost
Second: 2400 RP, 4-Wins-XP-Boost
Third: 1600 RP, 4-Wins-XP-Boost
Fourth: 800 RP, 4-Wins-XP-Boost
Fifth- Eighth: 4-Wins-XP-Boost
and of course honour, glory and fun!

How do I register?

You can register as a team or a single player. Single players will be be assigned to a team (according to their preferred roles). If you want to play together with friends but don‘t form a full team, just register as a team so I know you belong together. You will receive the tournament registration link after your registration for the LAN via Email.

Find all information at:

Ultimate Bravery Cup

Did someone say Ultimate Bravery? Indeed, Sir! The more enthusiastic League players who are in need of noble quests are welcome to draw random champions with random builds at the League table. By playing games with the given specifications, you can gather points. The three players with the most points will get a Mystery Skin. Further information will be provided at the LAN. A registration is not necessary.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any further questions mail

Contact person: Maximilian Speicher

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