In front of FS in MI (every first Tuesday of each month)

Online every 3rd Friday of each month

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The Pen and Paper evening will take place every first Tuesday of the month. Start is at 06:00 pm in front of the Fachschaft (directly opposite of the main entrance of the Mathematics/Informatics building). The Adventures differ in length, but they should finish at midnight. We play in groups of up to 6 players. Each evening there will be multiple different game systems to chose from.
We will order food, it normally arrives between 8 and 9 pm.

Due to the closed Fachschaft, the PnP Evening is online (for now). You can find the Discord Server at:

What is Pen and Paper?

At the start of the evening all gamemasters will describe their game system. At this point you will get first hints to the story and the world your adventure will take place in. Afterwards we split up into the groups. Before the adventure can start, the basic rules are explained. For more complex systems, players may chose from pre-made characters. Easier systems will let you build your own hero (or adapt an existing one).

Now we can finally start to play. The gamemaster will tell you a story. However you the player has to make all decisions for your character. Where do you want to go? To whom do you talk? The rules help to find out what you can do and what not. For example they describe how to find out, if you can persuade the city guard to open the gates (or not). Most of the times this will be done by rolling a dice against stats of your hero.
The main focus is always the joy of playing. And the less you know the world, the more interesting exploring it will be. We are always happy for new players and accordingly our adventures are beginner friendly. We also play (if the players so chose) in English.

The big Game Worlds


Warhammer 40k – Dark Heresy

In the far future of the 41. Millennium humanity is beset from all sides. You are part of the Imperial Inquisition. Fight against the ruins powers of Chaos, vile Aliens, Witches, Heretics and sometimes your fellow player, who exchanged their soul for power or for the right to live. Kilometer long spaceships fall burning from the skies, Ork Rocks fly towards innocent colonies or an battalion of guardsman is slaughter by the axes of a Bloodthirster-Demon. Unless you save them! (Or die trying, survival is not guarantied)

Setting: dark/gruesome SciFi. Warhammer 40k is a fantasy world times 40000, including giant battleships, cannons, monsters, etc.
Game Focus: fight, die, repeat
Rules: rather simple (adapted to fit with the adventure); Characters are pre-build

The ‘official’ 40k opening credits

Fallen London – Skyfarer

London was stolen by bats. Now the city lies at the shore of the endless Underzee. Hell opened an Embassy and dying seems to be only temporary unpleasantly. The players take to the sea on the boat of a captain (the gamemaster) and will soon notice, that not only London has changed. As long as you don’t ask, if the others see that giant yellow bat too, you can’t possibly be insane (or can you?).

Setting: Steampunk in Victorian England (Industrialization with alternative technologies)
Game Focus: puzzling and Player-Player interaction (normally no violence)
Rules: very few and easy to understand

Welcome my deliciouzzzz friend
The first words greeting you in Fallen London

Dungeons and Dragons

Are you a mage, wanting to demonstrate their powers? A dwarf warrior on the search of the next kick? An elb paladin on a crusade of justice? A Halfing specialized on ‘retrieving’ precious things? A gnome bard? Half ork druid? Deepling barbarian? Then come closer! The adventurers guild always needs new recruits!

Setting: mostly fantasy (this may differ with different adventures)
Game Focus: explore, fight and interact with NPCs (heavily depended on the adventure)
Rules: uniform rule-system, easy to learn, hard to master; Characters are pre-made, or/and adaptable

Traveler! Please have a seat and drink a beer. We could need your help…
many adventures start in a tavern

Call of Cthulhu

Stories in the style of H.P. Lovecraft. The players are investigators (most of the time) in the early 1920. But soon they will notice, the crime is different than normal. There is a sudden contact with secret sects, witches, undying, or even creatures not at all from our world. There is a strong emphasis on your mental state. Insanity is always just one misstep away…

Setting: Fantasy / Historic
Game Focus: investigate, then fight (or run) and die, or lose your mind
Rules: easy to grasp, and adaptable characters

You didn’t make the stability test? Then please test your Intelligence.
Ohh, your lucky. Your hero is too stupid to fully grasp the extend of the horror…

The normal procedure upon meeting your first monster


You now desperately want to play? Then it would be nice if you could register. You may also write a mail to us if you still have questions. Or you just come to the next evening and ask us there.

You want to play you own system? Or you just want to sit on the other side of the table? We are always looking for new gamemaster. Talk to us, or write a mail.

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