Since 2011, we provide a night of good music for the summer semester start in four areas.

Together with the Department of Chemistry, we organize Dance music on the Magistrale, relaxing Electro-Swing outside on the Shisha Terrace for you and for the first time a larger Metal-Bunker. In addition you can look forward  to a 4th secret area. The To refuel after all that dancing, there is draft beer, long drinks, cocktails, pizza, and french fries.

We are always looking for helpers who want to see what a party looks like from the other side and want to help make the party a memorable evening! The helperstool opens a few days before the party starts and you can sign up under https://helfen.fs.tum.de/spuknix21.




Organizers of SpukNix 2021 – A substitution event of Unity:

  • MPI: Kempec Halk & Paul Fischer
  • Chemie: Sandra Paßreiter & Lukas Huber

Organizers of past years:

  • 2020 – Cancelled
    • MPI: Kempec Halk & Paul Fischer
    • Chemie: Sandra Paßreiter & Lukas Huber
  •  2019
    • MPI: Carina Fröhlich & Kempec Halk
    • Chemie: Sandra Paßreiter & Till Gundlach
  •  2018
    • MPI: Frederic Naumann & Carina Fröhlich
    • Chemistry: Sophia Paravicini & Sandra Paßreiter
  •  2017
    • MPI: Frederic Naumann & Elisabeth Iovkova
    • Chemistry: Sophia Paravicini & Julia Bayer
  • 2016
    • MPI: Andreas Kührmann & Frederic Naumann
    • Chemistry: David Xu & Sophia Paravicini
  • 2015
    • MPI: Ellen Maeckelburg, Ronja Schönecker
    • Chemistry: Michael Röpke, Daniel Döllerer
  • 2014
    • MPI: Sven Hertle, Sebastian Roith
    • Chemistry: Michael Röpke, Lukas Woltmann
  • 2013
    • MPI: Sven Hertle, Benjamin Schnoy
    • Chemistry: Michael Röpke, Julien König
  • 2012
    • MPI: Sebastian Biermann, Peter Zarnitz
    • Chemistry: Ben Hofman, Konstantin Krautgasser
  • 2011
    • MPI: Patrick Blitz, Sebastian Biermann
    • Chemistry: Ben Hofmann
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