Lending of Sports Equipment

You can sign out diverse sports equipment at the Student Council, such as various balls (basketball, volleyball, etc.) or table tennis bats. You can get it at our office against a deposit, preferably your student ID. You can use the borrowed sports equipment as long as you want, but you should keep in mind that other people enjoy sports too, and we only have a finite number of sports equipment. We also have table soccer balls. You certainly will need those to have a fun game of table soccer! The security deposit is just 1 Euro.

Lending Board Games

If you just don’t feel like sports at the moment, we also have a sizable collection of board games that you can sign out at any time. From classics such as Monopoly, Scotland Yard or Settlers of Catan to lesser known ones, such as Dixit or Dominion, and more. You can also just drop in and look at what is in the closet, it’s worth it. To see more cool games, come to the only true Game Night and try out our entire inventory (and much more).

Lending Equipment

In addition to sports equipment and games, the Student Council also has miscellaneous equipment available, which may be used for events of all kinds. We have items such as beer garden tables, cable drums, mulled wine cookers, and much more. The loaning of equipment gets handled by the storeroom managers and they are best contacted at lager@fs.tum.de. You can then also find out what exactly is and is not available. It is recommendable to make an appointment with a storeroom manager first so that you can be sure someone is there. Then you just come by to pick up the item you want to rent. Depending on the value of the loaned items you may have to pay a security deposit, which you will get back once the item(s) have been returned.

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