We sell print quotas for the computer room at the script sales office as well. The printer is called xerhalle.

The print quota is only accessible to mathematics and informatics students. Physics students do not have a computer room ID.

Purchasing print quotas

The prices are:

  • 100 Pages: €3.50
  • 1000 pages: €30.00

You can also buy multiples of these page amounts. 200 pages would thus cost €7.00.

You can buy your print quotas at the script sales office (during opening times). For this you have to fill in one of the quota sheets provided there.

Please write on it in legible writing:

  • The user ID (login at the computer room, not LRZ ID! (E.g. NOT ga99abc))
  • The number of pages
  • Your full name (this helps to avoid errors in entry)
  • Date
  • Signature of the seller
  • The second part is your receipt.

The print quota is usually entered within one day. If after this time your quota has not yet been entered, please write an e-mail to the person responsible at skripten@fs.tum.de.


The easiest way to print is from the program. The printer is called xerhalle and prints double-sided. For single-page printing please use xerhalle_simplex.

You can also print via the terminal. Use the following:

lp -d xerhalle [datei1] [datei2]...

The printer can process PDF and PS (PostScript) files. All other formats must first be converted to these formats.

Documents can also be printed online via UCentral. The printouts can be collected in the computer room.

More information can be found in the RBG Wiki.


Should you have difficulties with a PDF file, for example, some of the text is displayed incorrectly, the print job does not work, etc., you can do one of two things:

  • Use Acrobat Reader (started with acroread). This is much less vulnerable to problems with PDF files than the command-line command.
  • Use a command in the terminal: ps2pdf [corrupted PDF] [new PDF](Even if the command is called ps2pdf, it also accepts PDF as input file). Of course, the new file will then have to be printed.

Useful Commands

  • lpquota tells you how much quota you still have available.
  • To find out the number of jobs in the queue use: lpstat -s xerhalle or lpq -P xerhalle . This command also serves to get the ID of a print job.
  • You can delete your own print job with the command lprm -P xerhalle [print job ID]
  • The command a2ps [filename](ASCII to PostScript) converts text files into PostScript which is easier to process for printing.
  • The command pdf2ps [PDF filename] [PS filename] (PDF to PostScript) converts PDF files to PostScript. The result should be verified in Ghostview (gv [file name]) before sending it to the printer. ps2pdf converts PS to PDF. The sPAPERSIZE option=a4 is helpful for ps2pdf.
  •  You can generate a version with N (which is a natural number greater than 1) From multipage PostScript documents with psnup -N [original file] [destination file]
  • You can view PDF files with xpdf or acroread.
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