At the moment we are not offering an online sale for buying or shipping scripts!
But we noticed that its an urgent request. We’re trying to make it possible and will inform you here if it succeeds. Until then please be patient!

You can acquire scripts for various lectures in mathematics, physics and informatics at the Script Sales Office. Furthermore, you can purchase:

  • Print quota for the computer room (Rechnerhalle)
  • Examination/test records for oral exams
  • Binders
  • Pick up and pay for 3D prints

Sales Office

The script sales office is located in room 00.06.039 and is open at the below stated times.

To print a script, we need the professor’s permission. We will do our best to have enough printed copies in stock, however, it may occur that a particular script is not available. Check if a particular script is available here:

Recent news about lecture notes:

Computer science:

  • For some lectures (Diskrete Wahrscheinlichkeitstheore, Grundlagen: Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen) we sell the scripts from last year. The according professors approved, that the content did not change.
  • The request for a script is online. If we don’t sell a script for your course read the details below or ask us in the office!


  • Collections of exams from experimental physics (semesters 1 – 4) have been available since the last semester. They cover exams of multiple years.
  • Transcripts of exams in physics in the 6th semester and former DHP exams are available now. Please help us to expand the inventory with your own transcripts.

Script Request

For everyone, who needs a script we don’t have:

This semester we have something new: if there is a script of a computer science course we don’t have in our catalogue you can now make a request. You need 20 signatures of your course fellows and  the permission of the owner of the script, usually the professor. You can collect them on our script request and hand it in together with the script as a PDF document. You can download the request here, or get it already printed at the script sale during our normal business hours.

Please check the catalogue first, before asking for a script. A sold-out script will be reprinted, if it is listed in the catalogue, there is no need to ask the professor for that!

Note, that we can not guarantee a script even with a request, but we will give our best!

Opening Times

Due to the current situation the script sales office will be closed until further notice. Since all exams have been cancelled, we hope it doesn’t interfere with your exam preperations. Feel free to contact us via if you have questions. Stay healthy!

Note: We don’t sell on Holidays!

Please buy your printing quota on time!

Test Records

A deposit of €30 is required to purchase a test record, which will be refunded if you send in your own test record.

Due to the closure of the script sales office, we cannot repay any deposit either. Please send your own exam records to us anyway. We keep checking them and telling you if the are fine. For the deposit, we need to wait until the script sales office can be reopened again. We apologize for the inconvenience!

You can download test templates for math and physics here. Please send us the * .tex file, NOT the PDF file. Records are to send to directly. If mutated vowels are not displayed correctly, be sure to set UTF-8 encoding for that document in your editor before typing.

Records shall recall the content of your own answers in the exam. Please avoid phrases like “cf. lecture note” or “written down”. Such answers are not accepted – like in the exam.

The deposit can be picked up from script sellers marked with *.


For questions please contact the person responsible for scripts at

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