Are you looking for a place where you can study by yourself or in a group, but the Magistrale is full or too loud?

The TUM classrooms, lecture rooms, and study spaces are often occupied for courses and therefore it is not so easy to find a free space where you can study in peace. But there are some areas that are explicitly and exclusively used as a study spaces. Others are seminar rooms, which are scheduled for many courses. But these can be used as a quiet study space between courses. But you have to know which rooms these are. Some study spaces (such as above the library) are often already occupied, because they are well known and easy to find. Thanks to the study space management system, you can find out which study spaces are currently available.

There is an overview at of the currently available study spaces. Displays that are attached to study spaces and with which you can occupy the space, connect to the study space management system. That way the actual availability is displayed on the site at any time.

Further information on study space management can be found on the AStA website.

Our department provides you an overview of the study spaces availability in the MI building.

Since the winter semester 2015/16 there is also a TUM-wide study space wiki, which provides information on the study spaces of the entire TUM. The study spaces which are part of the study space management system are included with their current occupancy status.

Best of all, you can edit the wiki yourself! If you find a place that is particularly suitable for quiet study, add an applicable entry after you have logged in with your LRZ ID.

Do you have questions about study spaces? Write us an email at

In physics, there is also the opportunity apart from the study area in the library to go to the study area of the student council. This is located on the ground floor of the container on the right side.
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