You can assist the SET personell as a tutor during the Study Introductory Days (SET). Your tasks include assisting first-years in their entry to their respective study program. Therefore, it is necessary that each tutor is well-informed about their study program, its structure, e.g. what the applied subjects are and who the important contacts are. Moreover, teamwork and communication skills are an important prerequisite.

Master students who have studied in a degree program at the TUM for at least one semester can register. Included are all degree programs of the Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Departments – all programs for which the SET are intended for.

The SET for the summer semester 2022 will take place on Thursday, 13 October until Sunday, 16 October.


The registration as a tutor for this SET can be found here.

Applicants will be accepted based on degree program and in order of registration. A statement of how many tutors are needed and who will be accepted as a tutor is only possible once it is known roughly how many freshmen are expected. We will inform you by email whether or not you were accepted as a tutor.

Please also take into account the notes below when registering.


Concerning ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) Credits:

Mathematics, informatics, Business Data Processing Specialist and Games Engineering students (only master for the summer semester) will usually get two “extra-disciplinary fundamentals” (Überfachliche Grundlagen) ECTS credits for their activities as Study Introduction Days tutors. Physics students get one ECTS credit (subject to corrections, of course only your respective Exam Regulations are the deciding factor!).

We report all students who have indicated their student number and date of birth collectively to the respective department office.

Please also note the FAQ below. More information can be found on the department’s webpages and the module manual.

The tasks of a Study Introduction Days tutor may include:

The winter semester Study Introduction Days are conducted over the course of five days, generally Thursday to Monday before classes begin. Your duties will mainly consist of giving a campus tour (possibly at a different location than Garching) and other functions, such as organizing a breakfast with a group, helping at the BBQ, pub crawl, campus rally or the like. The tasks at the summer semester Study Introduction Day will be similar. It is usually held on the Thursday before classes begin.

The purpose of the T-shirts is to enable the first-years to identify you as tutors during the Study Introduction Days. We hope that the departments will pay for the shirts again as they have done in recent years. Should this unexpectedly not be the case, we will of course ask you again separately before you incur any costs. The “girls cut” version will be available again. If you would rather have that version, please check it accordingly.


Can you be a Study Introduction Days tutor even if you do not want credits?
Yes! Simply omit your student number and date of birth when registering.

Can physics students get ECTS credits for Study Introduction Days tutoring?
Yes, but only one ECTS credit is awarded. To get the ECTS credit you have to participate in the workshop at the beginning of the winter semester and be at tutor at the Study Introduction Days. To participate in the workshop, you first have to register in the tutor tool.

How often can you get the credits?
Only once during the whole study program, in other words either for the bachelor’s or master’s degree overall grade.

I got rejected as a tutor for the last Study Introduction Days. Do I need to register again?
Yes. We delete all records for Study Introduction Days. Thus, we know nothing from the last registration process. If you want to try again, you have to sign up for the next Study Introduction Days and have the same opportunities as everyone else.

What about the grade?
The credits are not graded, and therefore count as neutral on your bachelor’s or master’s degree grade.

I am at the end of my studies and really need the ECTS credits. Can I be given preferential treatment?

No. We receive multiple such requests each semester. But we want to give each of the tutors the same chances. If we would give preference to everyone with this request, we would be unable to maintain such preferential treatment after a short time.


If your question has not been answered by the notes or FAQs or you have suggestions for the Study Introduction Days, please send us an email to

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