Every year, the Informatics Student Council decides on, in cooperation with the Informatics Faculty, which of the submitted student projects of the last year should receive an award. These projects can be part of a practical course or a research project, as well as being projects realized in your spare time.

Winners of 2016

Winner Project
David Becher
DB-Normalizer (Github)
Yorrik Müller Vorrennung (Github)
Vincent Bode BridgeMPP (Github)

Winners of 2015

Winner Project
Lena Fischer
Maximilian Hotter
Carsten Mück
Daniel Dyrda

Winners of 2014

Winner Project
Markus Müller
Jonathan Kienzle
Carlos Camino
DS Trainer
Sören Jentzsch
Sebastian Riedel
Sebastian Brunner
Sebastian Denz
Christoph Ihrke
Stefan Profanter
Sebastian Fischer
Bavarian Bending Units @ RoboCup Logistics League

Winners of 2013

Winner Project
Michael Andonie
Hendrik Leppelsack
Lukas Reindl
Nico Schuster
Sören Jentzsch
Sebastian Brunner
Christoph Ihrke
Sebastian Denz
TUMsBendingUnits @ RoboCup Logistics League – Projekt Titelverteidigung
Jakob Pfeiffer
Fabian Raab
Stefan Smarzly
Ann Katrin Gibtner

Winners of 2012

Winner Project
Thomas Bley, Christoph Richter
TUM Campus App für Informatik
Sebastian Brunner
Sebastian Denz
Sören Jentzsch
Weltmeistertitel beim RoboCup 2012 in der Logistics League
Matthias Gottlieb
Nachhaltiges Gebäude Performance Monitoring
mit adaptiver Energiesteuerung

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