The class speakers handle any concerns of the respective semester, in other words, they inform you about current issues, coordinate between students and professors, and are the first point of contact for semester-specific questions. They are elected for 6 months at the beginning of each semester.

For questions or problems, you may also contact your class speaker or the Student Council directly by email at or in person at the office (room MI 00.06.036).

Present Class Speakers



Master Quantum Science & Technology:



  • 1st Semester (Beginning WiSe 2020/21):
    • Florian Wiethof
    • Niklas Brodnicke
  • 3rd Semester (Beginning WiSe 2019/20):
    • Björn Kremser
    • Stefanie Manger

Information Systems:

  • 1st Semester (Beginning WiSe 2020/21):
    • Franz Kunze
    • Cathrin Rehlaender
  • 3rd Semester (Beginning WiSe 2019/20):
    • Laurence Kamarasy
    • Leonie Popken


  • 1st Semester (Beginning WiSe 2020/21):
    • Yana Serpik
    • Michael Vynogradov
  • 3rd Semester (Beginning WiSe 2019/20):
    • Christiane Kobalt
    • Nicolas Teofilovic

Computational Science and Engineering:

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