The class speakers handle any concerns of the respective semester, in other words, they inform you about current issues, coordinate between students and professors, and are the first point of contact for semester-specific questions. They are elected for 6 months at the beginning of each semester.

For questions or problems, you may also contact your class speaker or the Student Council directly by email at or in person at the office (room MI 00.06.036).

Present Class Speakers

  • 3rd Semester (Beginning WiSe 2018/19):


Information Systems:


  • 1st Semester (Beginning WiSe 2019/20):
    • Philipp Knestel
    • Jessica Saroufim
  • 3rd Semester (Beginning WiSe 2018/19):

Computational Science and Engineering:

  • 1st Semester (Beginning WiSe 2019/20):
    • Will be elected on wednesday, the 20th of November in “Scientific Computing I”
  • 3rd Semester (Beginning WiSe 2018/19):
    • Will be elected on tuesday, the 26th of November in “Parallel Numerics”

Here you can contact the departmental student council Mathematics, Physics and Informatics.

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