At the beginning of each semester, all students are invited to the General Student Council Assembly (FVV). It usually takes place on Wednesday in the third week of the semester. Important decisions, such as changes to the rules of procedure get adopted there. In addition, all students have the opportunity to get informed about all aspects of the Student Council’s activities over the past six months. Of course it is not enough to hold just one meeting per semester. Therefore, the Student Council Committee is scheduled every other week and takes up the daily business of the Student Council. Of course, all students of the MPI Student Council are invited to inform themselves and bring up their own issues, goals, and opinions.

But university politics does not stop at the Student Council. All the Departmental Student Councils are represented at the TUM Student Council. Issues that affect the entire student body of the university get discussed there. The AStA (Student Council Executive Committee) is utilized in its functions by the TUM Student Council.

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