Even though we share many service offerings as MPI, we are three separate student councils and thus partially separate in higher education policy. The board representatives hold meetings to discuss and make decisions. All students of the respective student council are cordially invited to these meetings, even if they are not elected student representatives.

At the beginning of the academic year, ie at the beginning of the winter semester, the constituent meetings take place. There, the newly elected student council elected in the election of the university chooses the student representatives, the representatives in various higher education policy committees and commissioners.

Otherwise, these sessions are mainly about topics of higher education policy, such as problems with study programs or examinations. Representatives in any body can seek the opinions of the entire student body and then introduce them to the faculty, the MPI or university-wide.

You are always invited to come and contribute concerns from your studies.

Meetings of the three departments:


The appointment for the next session of the Fachschaft Mathematik will be on Tue 12.11.2019 18:00 clock in MI 00.10.011. The Fachschaft Mathematik has given its own rules of procedure for its meetings.


The appointment for the next session of the Fachschaft Physik are
Fri 27.11.2018 16:00 clock in PH2271.

Computer Science

The next meeting of the Fachschaft Informatik is not yet known. The appointment will be published here.

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