In addition to what you have read about this Student Council on our website so far, we have great news for you:

You can participate!

If you are wondering what you could do at the Student Council and what would be the benefit of spending time at the Student Council in addition to your studies and leisure time, let us tell you!

You already know how you want to join? Excellent! Take your next step here.

What you can do at the Student Council

The Student Council activities are divided into several units and appointees, university politics, as well as the organization of events.

Of course we are always interested to see new faces and helping hands in all these areas!

Units and Appointees

The Student Council has several units and appointees which are responsible for various specific tasks. Did you ever want to know who actually makes these questionnaires that are distributed during lectures? Are you interested in 3D printing or working at a real classic printing press with ink and plates entirely without digital technology? No problem, our printing unit has both! And we have many more units.

You can find out what the different units do exactly on the below pages:

A detailed overview with descriptions of the individual unit or appointee function is provided on these pages.

University Politics

One of our most important tasks is to represent the students’ interests in various committees of the departments and to give them a voice. To this end we have representatives in many committees, including the Department Council and Public Funds for Higher Education. For some of these bodies, you have to be elected by the students at the university elections, and to others you can also be sent as a delegate directly.

If you want to contribute by representing the students’ interests in the department or want to get a deeper understanding of the decision-making processes at the university, this may be the right activity for you!

More information on university politics can be found on the University Politics webpage.


Since Garching unfortunately does not offer too many things to do for student recreation, which is why the city has gotten the affectionate nickname Garchosibirsk some time ago, we try to bring the campus to life at least now and then with our own events.

That is why we organize, for example, our big party on the Magistrale, called the Unity, during the summer semester and the Winter Ball during the winter semester.

That’s a lot of work, which of course doesn’t handle itself. Starting with the planning and organization of the event, including all kinds of formalities and operation of the booths on the evening of the event, there are many things that need to get done.

If you wish to help us with that or even have your own idea for a new great event, we look forward to your support!

Why you should get involved in the Student Council

Since you will get neither credits nor money for working with us, of course the question arises what would be the benefit of you joining.

First of all, we have to say that the work for the many services that we offer to students and work in the various committees does not get done by itself. They will only exist in the future, if we always find new people who want to contribute to it.

Since you probably have already benefited knowingly or unknowingly in your study program from the work of the Student Council, this is a good chance to return the favor and do something for your fellow students. You can also take responsibility for things and gain practical experience that your study program will not offer you.

Above all, it is a lot of fun to be an active member of the Student Council! This is partly due to the great atmosphere in our team and the many exciting experiences that you probably would not get anywhere else like that. Have you ever tried to see whether you can win a soccer table match with a 6 bar compressed air nozzle or placed a steak on the grill right behind the faculty building after you finished your work? Or did you ever want to see how the first-years on the Study Introduction Days Trip wake up to the harmonic sounds of a melodic death metal band at a comfortable volume level?

Since you may have become curious, we will tell you in the next section how you can join us.

How to Join Us

If you are interested in a particular task, you’ll find the right contacts below. Of course you’re not yet entering any obligations with just a request, but we will tell and show you all about it.

Below please find a list of tasks, for which we are particularly in desperate need for help. But that does not mean that we wouldn’t be happy if you’d rather help in another capacity.

Task Description Contact
Personnel for the Information Unit Content based management of our Homepage, Sociel Media and the Newsletter Information Unit
Personnel for the Event Unit Realization, preparation and follow-up of all events that are not parties. Event Unit
Personnel for the Survey Unit Organisation and evaluation of the der lecture questionnaires Survey Unit
Author for our impulsiv Magazine Write one or more articles for impulsiv, the free magazine of the Student Council impulsiv Unit

If you are undecided and just want to get a taste of what the Student Council is like, you are welcome to drop by the Relax Room (00.06.033, MI building) or come to the Student Council Committee.

We look forward to seeing you!

Universiy politics divisions:

Here you can contact / join the mathematics student council:

Here you can contact / join the physics student council:

Here you can contact / join the informatics student council:

Here you can contact / join the BeauftragtenTUMer:

Here you can contact / join the SET-unit (Tutor-registration is available here)

Here you can contact / join the computer unit:

Here you can contact / join the evaluation unit:

Here you can contact / join the university politics unit:

Here you can contact / join the garching unit:

Here you can contact / join the printing unit:

Here you can contact / join the events unit:

Here you can contact / join the finance unit:

Here you can contact / join the impulsiv-magazine:

Here you can contact / join the scripts:

Here you can contact / join the information unit:

Does “convinient thoughts about sustainability and their actual realization” sound like attractive to you? Then the unit for environmental sustainbility will most likely interest you. Because this is exactly what we do at out faculty.

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