The SET team

The SET unit is responsible for the carrying out the Introductory Study Days (SET).
The task is to prepare the individual events at the SET and to carry them out together with the SET tutors.

The Computer Unit maintains and develops the networks and computers of the Student Council.

The Computer Unit
The impulsiv editorial team

The impulsiv Unit is the editorial team of the Student Council’s magazine impulsiv. It develops the magazine, writes articles, does the layout and contacts advertisment partners.

The Survey Unit creates, distributes and evaluates the lecture surveys for every discipline respectively.

The Survey Unit
The University Politics Unit

The University Politics Unit is responsible for communicating current issues of the TUM Student Council and the MPI Student Council within the MPI departments and maintain contact with the AStA (Student Council Executive Committee).

The Garching Unit stays up to date with all news concerning the Campus Garching (currently, most of them are construction projects) and distributes those news to the Student Council and the students.

The Event Unit organizes a weekly Game Night and from time to time further events like a LAN Party or the Real Life Scotland Yard.

The Printing Unit prints products both for the Student Council and external entities.

The Finance Unit takes care of the financial management of all projects of the MPI Student Council and ensure the smooth running of daily operations (for example, Club-Mate access, supplying Unity event booths with change, …).

The Script Unit takes care of the collection, printing, and selling of scripts and transcripts. In addition, we are responsible for the sale of print quotas. We do everything to ensure that the students have reliable access to their scripts.

The Information Unit (also called iRef) takes care of the information gathering and dissemination. The aim is to improve the flow of information from the Student Council to students and vice versa.

Does “convinient thoughts about sustainability and their actual realization” sound like attractive to you? Then the environmental sustainbility unit will most likely interest you. Because this is exactly what we do at out faculty.

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