Our Vision

We drive the topics of environmental protection, climate protection and ecological sustainability at the faculty level and make our studies more ecologically sustainable. With minor changes in our everyday student life, we make a valuable contribution with positive effects on environmental and climate protection.


In contrast to the environmental department of the student representation, we get involved directly where we know best: in and around the math, information and physics buildings.

Together with other sustainable initiatives, we sensitize our fellow students for ecological issues in various ways, e.g. at our events. We offer a platform and network for a lively exchange and breeding ground for new ideas.

Who are we?

A diverse group of motivated students for whom the university and its immediate study environment are not sustainable enough and therefore strive for constant improvement.

Join us!

Do you also want to make your contribution to a green future? Then come by without any obligation and get to know us and our work personally! We meet about every two weeks. You can find the exact date here:

We are a diverse bunch of students who are concerned with their university – more specific the environmental aspects of it – and therefore continuously strive for innovation in that regard.