The Information Unit (also called iRef) takes care of the information gathering and dissemination. The aim is to improve the flow of information from the Student Council to students and vice versa.

For example, iRef will remind you about re-registration deadlines, announces interesting events for students, informs about changes to exam regulations etc., in other words, distributes information which has been received by the Student Council to the students. This of course also applies vice versa. If you have problems, criticism, suggestions or questions and do not know whom to contact, you can turn to iRef and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person. For example, your request will find its way into the bodies of the Student Council, even if you cannot or do not want to present it yourself.

The Newspread system is available to iRef for the distribution of information. With this system, important news and event announcements can be displayed on the info screens at the MI Magistrale and the Physics Department. We also publish it on this website.

In addition, iRef is also responsible for this website, in coordination with CompRef (Computer Unit). The Facebook page and Twitter of the Student Council is managed by iRef. We also send the bilingual Newsletter of the Student Council.

As another task, we maintain a Departmental Student Council internal wiki, where all information is stored in order to facilitate future representatives or staff starting up.

Anyone who wants to join is welcome. If you are interested or have questions, please contact or just come by at the Student Council.

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