The Student Council’s Printing Unit prints products both for the Student Council and external entities.
Since there are some exciting features, we would like to present our machines in more detail.
Our 3D printing service has its own webpage by the way.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is our daily work. Scripts, survey sheets, the impulsiv, etc., are all printed on our Canon varioPRINT 110 which is specifically equipped for large volume runs at 110 pages per minute. It supports the A3 and A4 formats, has an A3 scanner, punch and staple unit, and can fold brochures. It is black and white only, but at a very high quality.

As a production machine this system is designed to run all day smoothly without interruption or showing signs of fatigue.
It can work up to one hour unsupervised before you have to reload paper at the latest and empty the output trays. Therefore, it does not require a lot of personnel.

A Canon imageRUNNER c5250i is available to us as a color printer. While this machine can only do 45 (color) pages per minute for poster and cover prints, it totally suffices.

Offset Printing

For very large runs or special requirements (silver print, perforation), we still do offset printing, the most efficient method for large quantities of output.

Preliminary Stage

The printing plates required for monochrome printing get produced in our own darkroom to save costs.
We only get the plates for color printing from external providers due to the higher quality requirements.


We are the last Departmental Student Council at of the University of Munich in possession of an offset printing press.
Our Heidelberg GTO is designed as a precision machine, which allows multiple colors to be printed on one page and even genuine four-color printing (where the color is mixed by placing small dots of color next to each other). The maximum page capacity is 8,000 sheets per hour, the maximum sheet size is 320x460mm.

Further Services


Our electronic cutting machine, internally affectionately called “Gloria,” gives us the option to produce products beyond the usual paper formats.


Since we have our own binding machine, we are able to perfect bind small runs by hand.

3D printing

3D printing has its own page.


In order to produce the various print products of the MPI Student Council, we have our own small print shop.

We would like to present its staff here briefly. They are all students.

If you are interested, please let us know at or just come by.



Albert Stark
Leander Seidlitz


Tamara Barounig
Michael Eder
Simon Ellmann
Jaro Fietz
Felix Hartmond
Lukas Heinzmann
Fabian Huch
Arian Mehmanesh

Former Assistants:

  • Andre Kupka (Appointee)
  • Lukas Rost (Appointee)
  • Peter Zarnitz (Appointee)
  • Markus Otto
  • Christina Langosch
  • Norbert Rümelin
  • Felix Reuss
  • Maren Funk
  • Simon Ebner
  • Markus Krimphove

Senior Consultant:

  • Tobias Tetzner

Here you can contact the departmental student council Mathematics, Physics and Informatics.

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