The SET Unit takes care of the implementation of the Study Introduction Days (SET). First-years are offered different events, ranging from a welcome event, campus tour, pub crawl, IT introduction, a joint breakfast, and barbecue. The Study Introduction Days are generally held during the winter semester for three days from Thursday to Saturday before classes begin. For the master beginners there is usually a one-day Study Introduction Day during the summer semester on Thursday before classes begin.

The Study Introduction Days Unit is headed by several representatives, who handle the preparation and organization of the Study Introduction Days. They are supported by several members of the staff. During the Study Introduction Days, the team of representatives and staff will be supported by tutors. The tutors show the first-years the campus, pack goody bags or help at the BBQ, etc.

The end of one set of Study Introduction Days is the beginning of the next set. The preparations for the upcoming Study Introduction Days have to start as early as the beginning of a semester. Lecture halls have to be reserved, speakers have to be invited for the information sessions, businesses have to be asked for giveaways for placing in the first-years bags, tutors have to be recruited and much more…

Information for new team members

Thanks you for showing up to our first informal meeting on June 12th! For those who couldn’t make it, we have uploaded the slides here.

The next meeting will take place on June 24th at 5 pm in room 00.12.019 (Fakultätsraum Informatik). The room is located in the hallway behind the Infopoint Informatics. We will distribute the tasks to the organisers and you will receive access to your own student council accounts and our IT infrastructure. See you then!

The Team

The SET team of WiSe 2019


The Study Introduction Days Unit has different email addresses for different areas of responsibility. You will always reach the representatives and staff responsible for the various tasks at the respective e-mail address. Contact for all general questions Contact for Study Introduction Days tutors Contact for businesses for matters concerning the first-years bags Contact for first-years concerning the Study Introduction Days journey

Appointees and Staff


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