The Departmental Student Council has a central position in the university politics. As a main part of our tasks we participate in departmentalmathematic/physics/informatics-wide and university wide committees.

department wide

At the Department Studentcouncil Election the students can vote for their student representative body and the representatives in the Department Council. The Departmental Student Council of every discipline meets for discipline specific topics at regular meetings. At these meetings the departmental student council spokespersons are elected. They represent the Departmental Student Council in public and are the contact persons for external queries.

On top of that the meetings of the disciplines can elect special appointees for the library or other tasks.

The Departmental Student Council also sends a few students to committees, which decide about the use of public funds for higher education.

The examination board takes care about everything about exams, like new types of examination or problems at exams.


Often a topic in the university polictics is not just important for a single discipline but for multiple of our three disciplines. We then exchange opinions at the Student Council Committee. Part of the tasks of the University Politics Unit is to coordinate all of this.

University wide

We connect ourselves with the Departmental Student Councils of other Departments at the TUM Student Council. There we discuss university wide topics for students.

The student representatives of the entire university build the Student Council Executive Committee. They have their own website, where they introduce themselves.

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